Our main branches of work



New generation of robots with the ability to collaborate with people in the same environment.



Mobile robots to move merchandise or equipment silently.


Health and Safety

Category dedicated to maintaining cleanliness and disinfection at safe levels in the company.

Robotics doesn’t make sense away from people, our proposal comes from the collaboration of machines within the company.

Benefits of collaborative robotics

The science implemented in collaborative robots allows them to work in spaces shared with people. This technology provides unconditional support to the company, regardless of its size or the activity it develops.


Safe work

This type of robot is able to perform collaborative work hand in hand with people, being able to carry out a protective stop to ensure the safety of nearby individuals, work items or fragile equipment.

Easy deployment

Any point in the company can be optimal for installing a cobot. They can perform numbered activities on the production line, they can be adapted to any production cycle, however short, even the usual line-ups.

Simplicity of programming

Our cobots can learn to follow a path that you teach them by manually moving the end end of the arm. In addition, it has an interface adapted to be able to program any movement you want.

Flexible automation

Our cobots feature torque and stability control and accelerations that perform well even in the most complex and delicate operations.

Stay connected through Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, considered the fourth industrial revolution, was born as a new way of organizing the means of production. Using communication networks and technologies adapted to the new environment, we want to develop smarter and more environmentally friendly industrial and power generation plants. In addition, it is possible to eliminate those repetitive or dangerous tasks, being able to focus the time and creative and innovative work of people more efficiently.
Achieve better production chains that are better communicated with each other and to the outside through the use of networks

Customer service

Our commitment does not end at the time of purchase.

Anticipation of customer needs; responding effectively and proactively.
Rapid resolution of incidents.
Listen to me
Active listening and continuous service improvement.
Personalized attention that responds to individual needs.

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