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The aeronautical and naval industry is one of the mainstay of the EU economy, generates a balance of approximately 160.000 million euros and employs at least one million workers. Investment in this sector contributes to the improvement of trade and the economic prosperity of the European union framework.

The challenge is part of our day-to-day life

Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) are an essential tool to verify aerospace systems, hardware and software and their integration and validation processes.

AERYS offers End to End services (engineering, production, installation), taking into account the entire chain of activity of an electrical installation in accordance with regulations and standards.

High creativity and understanding of fluids, instrumentation and software design. Our test equipment has been deployed in the aerospace and defense industry, and allows easy adaptation to other sectors.

The integration of systems in the laboratory is an essential activity to demonstrate that the systems behave the same as in the aircraft / vehicle, both individually and as a whole.

Aerys responds to turnkey products, covering the design, development and manufacturing of both hardware and software.

EGSE are an essential tool for the verification of space systems, hardware and software.

Our staff is an expert in EGSE’s and functional testing equipment for the assembly (FAL) and maintenance (MRO) phases.

AERYS designs and manufactures EGSE to test, verify, and operate flight hardware during ground testing.

Flight hardware acceptance testing for EGSEs minimizes the cost and time associated with the end customer’s “learning curve”.

Staff with more than 20 years of experience in the development of Test Banks for one of the systems in the sector

We pay special attention to the choice of high quality components
ensure long-term spare parts availability.
We support the future user from the conceptual phase by incorporating our know-how into an initial phase of the project.
Our test benches are designed and built according to the latest safety standards, enabling automated operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
After the delivery and commissioning of our test benches,
we remain available to all our customers

Development and Integration Banks

The initial configuration of an airplane/vehicle integration-level test facility provides the opportunity to discover and eliminate unwanted features.

The complete integration of aircraft/vehicle-level systems into the lab is an essential activity to demonstrate that systems behave exactly as in the aircraft, both individually and all at once.

Test installations can be installed and integrated step by step with the availability of real equipment, simulated equipment, or system simulations.

We have extensive experience and training in Aeronautical and Military Wiring.

Our team is responsible for assembling wiring, supported and structural assemblies, responding to the codes and standards of ECSS, NASA, MIL, ARIANNESPACE, AIRBUS, BOEING.

Aerys offers the experience and ability to program and run electrical tests on wiring, conduct testing and engineering, and test program generation.

We have automated testing instrumentation, which offers maximum reliability, allowing us to test on the benches or in the installation.

Our final process of certificate and commitment to quality guarantees us to meet the most demanding requirements.

Aerys designs and manufactures Trainers and Simulators for the aerospace, rail and naval sectors.

Our policy secures turnkey products, covering design,
development and manufacturing of both hardware and software.

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