Quality policy Aerys S.L.

The Directorate of AERYS, S.L.L. aware that the only way to ensure the company’s prosperity is to achieve the full satisfaction of our customers, has decided to drive a quality management policy, including the requirements of the aerospace industry that is in turn a commitment to the demands of society and our customers. The general objectives pursued are:

  • PREVENT THE APPEARANCE OF ERRORS in our manufacturing process, developing an effective process of control of non-conformities – when they appear – that prevents their translation to the customer.

  • COMPLY WITH THE REQUIREMENTS OF CUSTOMERS AND APPLICABLE LAW, developing and updating the working methods adapted to current regulations and the requirements of the reference standards implemented.

  • The RESPONSIBILITY to achieve the degree of quality efficiency established in our system that reaches ALL LEVELS, functions and all the staff of the company.

  • The Management assumes as an obligation of its responsibilities, the commitment to exercise leadership in the implementation and application of behaviors in accordance with the Management System of AERYS, S.L.L., acting as a driver, guide and example in the fulfillment of an obligation that concerns those that we form our company.

  • CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE the efficiency of the management system.

  • For the effective performance of our processes, the MOTIVATION of all staff is essential

True to these principles, the precepts to be fulfilled by AERYS, S.L.L. are listed in our Quality Management System, which is declared mandatory.

La Carolina, February 2, 2018
Francisco Gallego