Cobots do not arise to replace the operator, but to become their best tool to be more productive.

Collaborative robots Elfin series

Elfin 10

Workload up to 10 kg
Working radius 1000 mm

Elfin 5

Workload up to 5 kg
Working radius 800 mm

Elfin 3

Workload up to 3 kg
Working radius 590 mm

Why did we choose Elfin?


Modular structure

The structure of the robot consists of a modular format. It has 5 sizes of joints interchangeable with each other. Depending on how combined, it can result in robots of different load and range capabilities. In addition, in the long term, it minimizes the time required to repair a robot, being able to replace one unit with another by simply loosening some screws. 

Own software

In addition to carrying its own installed software, the arm has compatibility via ROS, Energid, RoboDK, or any program preferred by the user. It is a tool with an open environment and compatible with most solutions and tools that are currently on the market, this is what makes it more interesting in order to develop new software or accessory options.

Intuitive handling

Its programming and operation are simple and intuitive. The Elfin collaborative robot model allows you to load several programs into the robot and be able to switch from one to the other simply with a click, so to change activity it is not necessary to load it beforehand. You can perform a loop of operations, linking them to each other if the solution requires it.

Minimal maintenance

Its maintenance is minimal, being simply necessary to remove the protectors (the black parts) to remove dust or other dirt, without the need for any special product or tool.
The reliability of the components of our robotic arm makes the average failure frequency really low.

Modular technology

The Elfin model’s module technology allows you to create custom configurations. We can give our arm more strength or greater reach, depending on the application that we want to develop

Collaborative robotics applications

Recurso 2


Recurso 5


Recurso 6


Recurso 7


Recurso 8


Recurso 10


Recurso 12


Recurso 9

Surface finish

Recurso 1


We help you implement it in your company

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