Health & Safety

Disinfection robots using electrostatically charged aerosols and ultraviolet-C light will soon be deployed in public places

This will help to lighten the load of the cleaners, to achieve a more complete and sustainable disinfection.
The products used by this group are biocides used for human hygiene purposes, which are applied to or in contact with the skin or scalp, with the main purpose of disinfection.

Robot Sprayers

Our disinfection robots are equipped with a dry mist sterilization system, thus preventing surface corrosion. Among its main veins stands out :

  • Great workspace
  • No harmful waste
  • Autonomous cargo

The robot has the ability to move autonomously and can achieve scheduled, fixed-point and multitrack mobile disinfection and sterilization in a large workspace.

UVD robot for disinfection of sanitary spaces

It aims to prevent and reduce the spread of infectious diseases, viruses, bacteria and other types of harmful organic microorganisms in the environment by breaking down their DNA structure. The robot is safe, reliable and eliminates human error. In addition, it is easy to use and is designed to be operated by the cleaning staff every day.
360o coverage
Always connected via wifi and app
Pulsed UV light: 254NM (UV-C)
Three hours of charging equals the disinfection of 9-10 rooms


Batteries wiped out


minutes of disinfection

The Disinfection and Monitoring Cabins are perfect for use at the entrance of enclosures with great influx.

Capable of safe disinfection of leather, clothing and footwear

Equipment for the disinfection of personnel, you design for individual disinfection and body temperature monitoring.
The cabs have everything you need for safe disinfection.
Easy to install and immediately start up.

Benefit from what autonomous support robots offer the company

For body temperature control

The infrared temperature measurement robot has autonomous movement and voice interaction. The temperature measurement sensor is accurate and remotely capable. Other functions of the device are: automatic navigation, spread of programmable messages, fever alerts, among others.

Autonomous workstation

This guided self-working robot can be used in the room, along with staff of the company in question. It is able to receive orders and move autonomously, while deciding whether to continue with the next task, or return to your loading post if necessary. Allows active communication between the station and the personnel you command.

Autonomous transporter

The base robot can be combined with other transport products.
Device with orientation systems capable of being deployed between different departments or floors. Its intelligent management means better transport efficiency and the costs associated with performing simple tasks.

Robot garita

The concierge robot can make real-time video calls and voice calls, remote control of diagnostic terminals, patient identification and settlement, reminders, smart rounds, people viewing via video, voice recognition and
touch interaction.

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