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Domestic self-consumption

Power output below 15 kWp


Industrial self-consumption

Power ratings between 15 kWp and 100 kWp



Power over 100 kWp

Self-consumption of energy guarantees the consumer access to cheaper and more environmentally friendly forms of supply. Moreover, it is an activity that generates employment at a local level, also linked to ecological transition, as has already been demonstrated in surrounding countries.  

When a solar plant is capable of producing more energy than is consumed, we speak of the term generation, that is, we take advantage of the surplus to sell it to the electricity grid. This practice is one of the most common at company level.

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Questions you may have asked yourself

What are the methods of self-consumption that I can use?

Currently, the following modalities are distinguished:

  1. Self-consumption without surplus: When the physical devices installed prevent the injection of any surplus energy into the network.
  2. Self-consumption with surpluses: When the generation facilities can, in addition to supplying energy for self-consumption, inject energy into the transmission and distribution networks.
When should I arrange for access to the network?

They are exempt from obtaining access and connection permits for generation facilities:

  • All those facilities for self-consumption under the modalities of supply with self-consumption without surplus.
  • Those production facilities for self-consumption with surpluses and with a generation power equal to or less than 15 kW that are located on developed land that has the provisions and services required by urban planning legislation.
Is it possible to share self-consumption?

Yes, collective self-consumption has been regulated. Specifically, Royal Decree 244/2019
In particular, Article 4(3) of Royal Decree 244/2019 of 5 April provides that:

  • “3. In addition to the modalities of self-consumption indicated above, self-consumption may be classified as individual or collective depending on whether it is one or more consumers that are associated with the generation facilities. In the case of collective self-consumption, all the participating consumers associated with the same generation facility must belong to the same self-consumption modality and must communicate individually to the distribution company as the person responsible for reading, directly or through the marketing company, the same agreement signed by all the participants which includes the distribution criteria, by virtue of what is set out in Annex I.” (Translated from Spanish Royal Decree)
What is the simplified compensation mechanism?


Under the current rules (from Spain), in the mode of supply with self-consumption with surpluses, the producer can either sell the surplus energy or benefit from the simplified compensation mechanism, which is a mechanism designed to allow small renewable consumers of up to 100 kW to compensate in their bill for the energy consumed through the network with the surplus energy that they do not consume at a given time.


Can I take advantage of the simplified compensation?

They will be eligible for the simplified compensation scheme:

  • Production facilities with a power of not more than 100 kW.
  • Generation plants of renewable origin.
  • Production plants that have not been granted an additional or specific remuneration scheme.

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